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Avoid using Maven Gig Australia if you want to rent to drive!

Thought I would put in my two cents about Maven Gig Australia as I have had a pretty disappointing experience with them in the last six months. In the beginning I thought they were pretty good, simple, easy to use, staff were helpful. Actually I signed up because of their primary Sydney rep Ryan, who did do everything he could to make it as easy as possible. Since he's been gone (I got the impression fired) it all went down hill customer service wise. My biggest frustration with them, even when Ryan was there, was the excess on damage. Considering all the damage endured by the cars I had (3 in total) was not my fault and were extremely minor; if you didn't have the person at faults details then you get charged $1000 regardless of the cost of the damage. They say they refund you if it costs less but considering how minor the damage was I highly doubt they actually do. There is no option to reduce excess. This in turn effects your own premiums if you choose to get your own car and purchase insurance. All the damage incurred by the cars I would never have bothered to place a claim for as they could have been repaired for less. Even the damage that I did get details for were so minor that I would've told the guy who did it not to worry about it but still that claim counts toward my claim history. Their invoices are all out sync. You try to email them about a concern and they can take up to 2 weeks or more to respond if they respond at all. They usually never respond. When I had a discrepancy with a bounced payment which I had ensured money was available for they never answered calls and I wouldn't even bother leaving a call back message because they won't call back for two days if at all. I had to send like 8 emails or more over 5 days and call multiple times before they resolved the problems while they still charged me late fees, which they eventually gave back. I even contacted the American branch and they were 10 times more helpful and respondent even though they couldn't resolve the issue and eventually they gave me the fees back but after saying they wouldn't happily discuss what went wrong and call me at a requested time I had no response. Not even another email Now today after two weeks of nothing coming out of my account for insurance excess repayments they replied to an email I sent on the 2nd of January regarding my request for invoices of these payments and the payment plan. Because the staff when I returned my car were incompetent they didn't even show me the payment plan and actually barely gave me eye contact and the guy who did seemed like he didn't really know how to do much yet. So now they have decided that I owe $400 and will be taking it over the next 3 weeks when I have not budgeted for this. In the first 6 months of using Maven I probably would have recommended them but now I say steer clear, their a plenty other options out there for sure! I'm pretty patient but I hate bad poor customer service for not good reason and being cheated out of money unjustifiably! Thanks for reading the rant if you got through it.
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I'm hearing you bro! Not sure what dealings you had with Maven...but I did have these issues..., rented the car for 6mnths , picked it up on a Friday at 11 am and returned it on a Tuesday at 11 am.

The rep at the depot inspected the car and advised that it was in perfect condition and I would receive a full refund and 3 days of unused rental fees back. Did not hear from Maven for 2 weeks when they sent me a refund for 1 day and nothing else...rang them twice and after being on hold for an hour on each call and they argued that I was only due the bond and 1 day. Don't see how bringing the car back on Tuesday makes it 1 day when the return was meant to be Friday AM, that's 3 days unused, which is Tues, Wed and Thurs...they finally opened a case for an extra day refund but would not acknowledge the 3rd day .. .this is still ongoing and to make matters worse , they said that the refund of the bond was overlooked and the refund authorisation went to the US instead of here, and it would take an extra 7 days to hit my credit card which I am paying interest on.

Won't be hiring from these scammers again, that's for sure.

Lesson learnt! They are so unprofessional except for the guy at the pick up depot!

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  • Driving a new car
  • Inability to communicate
  • Inability to call back
  • Dirty car
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Poor customer service
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Let the company propose a solution

Maven Gig - Confused Customer

I signed up with Maven Gig to rent a vehicle so that I could drive with Lyft and After following all of their instructions to resolve a none existent issue with my driving recored, Maven Closed my account. Maven told me that I had an issue on my driving record in 2014 and I told them that it was not correct. They instructed me to get a printout from the DMV so I emailed them a 10 year driving record printout. Their response to me was to close my account when I emailed proof of a clean DMV record...
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Poor customer service

A Nightmare or Maven Gig

I had trouble renting a car from MavenGig. It took 3 weeks before I saw any cars listed in the app to reserve. I ended up with the Chevy Bolt Electric. I really enjoyed the car until that Friday night when it rained the hardest in San Francisco and I new it was gonna be a great money making night. That changed when I drove one block and heard this really sharp sound. A flat tire. I called on-star and waited 21/2 hours for a tow truck and they towed it to the dealership. I wasn't thinking the dealership was closed until Monday. I was not a happy camper. On Monday I called them at the dealership and they tell me there is something wrong with the transmission. I said thats impossible it is a brand new car and I did nothing to it. Come to find out the Chevy Bolts are supposed to be towed on flat beds or you can mess up the transmission. They left that information out. So I called Maven gig to report what happened and they took down my information and started a new case. I was able to swap out the car for a new one same model which was great but I missed 4 days and they went ahead and charged me anyway. It took me almost two months to get reimbursed for that. I had a few other things happen and every time I would call Maven Gig I would get the same answers. We will open a new case for you or I am sorry I wish there was something I could do for you. They said if you want to talk with management you have to Email them at member services. I messaged them like three days in a row. After five days they wrote me back a text book message not even answering the problem I was having. I did not get another message from them for two months when they finally decided to reimburse me for the days I did not have the car. These are the major issues with Maven Gig 1) There is no phone for customer support. 2) There is no Manager for customer support 3) The reps that answer the phones do not have any authority to do anything for you so Its kind of useless to have them there. 4) Overcharges 5)They never have enough rental cars 6)The Maven employees that sign you up for your reservation could be a little nicer and not act like they know everything when they clearly do not Maven support stop hiding behind an Email address and take care of your clients. Get a phone and listen when we talk or your business will fall flat
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Poor customer service

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